Harris Steel Company’s warehouse and processing facility in Cicero, IL is 150,000 sq ft under one roof. The building is constructed of 6- 300ft long bays with 5 overhead running bridge cranes that range in capacity from 10 tons to 27 ½ tons.

Our systems and processes are focused on satisfying the unique needs of every customer. Procedures, training, management of the work force, information systems, processing equipment, and communication with the customer are all focused on meeting the goal of exceeding our customer’s needs.

Customers processing and packaging specifications are maintained in our database for every item we supply. This allows us to manage the customer’s requirements accurately and consistently. If changes to these requirements need to be implemented we can easily review and change them as necessary.

Once received, steel coils have an individualized coil record assigned to each master coil. Each record contains traceable data about the coil including the chemical certifications, heat numbers, mill test numbers, and Harris Steel coil numbers. Current and historical data is maintained in our system on all coils.

Three coil to coil slitting lines are capable of handling 50,000lb coils. Our slitting capabilities range in thickness from .010” to .1875”. Shimless tooling set-ups are computer driven in determining factors such as tensile, yield, elongation, gauge, and temper for all production runs. SPC documentations are done on each coil produced. Slit width, edge quality, hardness, gauge, surface micro and visual inspection of the top and bottom are done before, during and after the run.

Slit coils can be shipped eye horizontal or skidded. Three coil packaging lines are capable of automatically stacking slit coils on skids to a maximum weight of 15,000lbs. A large variety of packages and packaging material are available to meet the specific customer needs.

Stocking programs along with spot buys are inventoried to meet JIT, KANBAN, and lean inventory requirements.

Our goal is to fulfill our commitment to the customer by delivering 100% usable product on time each and every time.


Major Industries Served

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