We are totally committed to Quality!

Our commitment to Quality begins by reviewing new applications with our steel manufacturers and customers alike. We begin this process by verifying that the specification and the end use are compatible and producible. We then provide a “New Part Analysis” to the mill source that includes several different aspects of the part being used such as; secondary operations, chemistry requirements, physical requirements and other required insight for part evaluation. Material is then procured from our mill source specifically for the application

Once the material is delivered to Harris Steel it is checked for thickness, width, and surface condition. After the master coil is approved the material is further inspected at the slitter for defects as well as the slit width, hardness, and gauge of the material. Once all aspects of the material conform to the order we begin our slitting process and monitor the gauge throughout the master coil using our X-Ray Gauger.

We take our slitting seriously. Since 1989, we have statistically researched our width strategy. We customize our tooling set-up for each cut to minimize width variation and we use shimless tooling to maximize accuracy. Our studies show that our variation is under ± 0.003” with minimum burr. Whether you run our material through your guides or use our width for your application, our width set-up control ensures better parts.

Our commitment to quality systems includes exact traceability. Each Harris Steel coil is labeled with a “Sticky Ticket” that not only shows the master coil number, but also the position the coil came out of during the slitting process. Chemistry of the key elements, Carbon, Manganese, Phosphorus and Sulfur are on the sticky ticket as well as the part number and ordered slit width. The label is removable to easily place on your work order or other manufacturing documentation for enhanced traceability control.

We support our customer’s Quality needs for further material verification with various programs including PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and IMDS (International Material Data System). The automotive support that these programs give us allows Quality flow through our entire process.

We are ISO 9001-2015 certified. We have passed many of the ISO surveys without any faults. This shows that our systems are in shape and on target for all of our customers all of the time.

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